Presetting and Measuring

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Measuring Technology
Balancing Technology
Presetting Technology
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Presetting and Measuring

presetting technology

Microset Tool Presetting

Maximum precision for all requirement:

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimizes your machining process from the ground up.

Improve your tool life, achieve better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

  • Minimize the idle time of your machines
  • Reduce scrap and tooling cost
  • Increase process reliability in your production
  • Improve your tool life
  • Generate consistent quality in your products
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Presetting and Measuring

balancing technology

Tool Dynamic

Modular Balancing System

The spindle speed of modern machine tools have increased on a continuous basis in the last few years in order to achieve higher cutting volumes and machine in a profitable manner. The increases have also raised the demands for the tools and holders used, because the higher spindle speeds make the effects of imbalance increasingly more noticeable. The consequences are vibrations, bad surface finish and shorter tool life.

Get the benefit when your tools properly balance as a modern machine requirement:

  • Less tool noise cause by imbalance
  • Improved tool life time.
  • Improved surface quality.
  • Improve geometry tolerance, (Roundness)
  • Improved life time of your machine spindle.
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Presetting and Measuring

measuring instrument

3D - Sensor

The 3D-Sensor is a very precise and versatile measuring instrument for milling and EDM machines (insulated probe).


  • Aligning machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (X-, Y-, Z-axis)
  • Set zeros
  • Centre borings and shafts
  • Measuring lengths and depths
  • Checking straightness and levelness of surfaces
  • Aligning work pieces and vices
  • Quick, without calculations, no mistakes with algebraic signs
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